Mahnoor Celebrity escort Karachi

Mahnoor is an entertainer who is born and bred in Karachi. She has a keen eye on fashion and loves to dress fashionably. From her childhood, she has fascination to wear fashionable dresses and attires along with high heels. Among her loyal clients, she is known as the fashion diva for her strong sense in dressing style and panache. She has a certain grace and charm in her demeanor and when she walks down the corridor, men can’t help but stare.

Mastered over belly dancing, Mahnoor sizzles on the dance floor. After getting high on cocktails, she rules on the dance floor like a diva. She has such moves and groves that rules over hundred hearts across the globe.
She has auburn hair that reaches to her shoulder and the quality of her hair is simply lustrous. Her eyes are light blue and glitters with innocence. Besides being innocent and sweet, she offers the hottest service in this city.